The inexpensive Wild Planet Mobile Spy Ear

There have been cars that give you the ability to spy on a room before, but this one is far more affordable than the other ones I’ve seen.  It probably won’t be as great of quality as the ones you’re pay around $100 for.  However, it also means that you can be a spy no matter what your price range.  Hopefully the engine is quiet though.  Nothing’s more embarrassing than getting caught spying with your toy car.

The tiny little car is meant for kids seven years old and up, however, Amazon disagrees.  Amazon really thinks that we should abandon our spy fantasies by the time we’re age ten.  The car has a range of 50′ and when you’re listening in, you listen through the earbud.  It runs on two 9V batteries, which of course are not included.  It seems that it will be decent quality, if they aren’t exaggerating.  According to the manufacturer, you can listen through walls with the car.  Which if is actually the case, that’s pretty cool for the price you pay for the car.  You can purchase it for $14.99 on Amazon.

Source: GadgetGrid