R/C Christmas Lights and a Chance to Help Win $1,000 for Charity

Twice a year my friend Alek does his bit for charity (and his Electric supplier) by creating absolutely awesome and totally OTT Internet controlled Halloween and Christmas displays. This year is no different and you can view (and control) his 20,000 or so Christmas lights via the komar.org site (be warned it’s musical).

He has also been nominated as a semi-finalist in the Kentucky Fried Chicken nationwide Holiday Traditions Contest, where the winner will receive $1,000 and a year’s supply finger-lickin’ good KFC chicken. Alek being the cool dude that he is has agreed if he wins to donate the $1,000 to the charity for Celiac Disease (his annual decorations have already raised over $30K for the good cause).

So I’d like to ask all our readers to spare a few seconds and drop by the KFC site and cast your vote (Alek is #16), thank you.