Electronic Sports debut Dogfight flight simulator


Electronic Sports rolled out its latest flight simulator knonw as Dogfight, and this full featured flight simulator was specially built to not only keep your reflexes sharp and alert, but to tone up your body as well as it is interfaced with a high-end exercise bike. You will be able to propel the plane forward simply by pedaling (obviously the more furious you go at it, the faster you’ll break the sound barrier within…), while it is controlled not via a joystick but spring-loaded handles instead for a realistic simulation exercise – literally and figuratively speaking. Nice to see that graphical technology has advanced to such a state where you no longer need to rely on your imagination that much since these pixelized images look like the real thing these days.

I can’t help but think this is a much more engaging method to stay fit at home, as you will definitely find it much more fun trying to gun down enemy bogeys to save your country instead of those cycling simulators that require you to pedal faster uphill just to overtake another fellow on a bicycle – where’s the fun in that? In addition, you can always match up with other gaming exercisers (or is it exercising gamers?) at the gym to see who is the best ace for the day. In case none of your mates turn up, you can always opt to fly solo by taking up single player missions. Folks who love competition can always head on to ElectronicSports.com, checking out their scores and win/loss records to see how they measure up with the rest of the world.

Interested parties will be able to pick up Dogfight now, and special offers for orders placed before January 15, 2009 are available. Not too sure if the average home could afford one of these puppies though, as it looks as though it will breach the 5-digit mark, leaving poorer families with not much choice other than the Wii.

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