The Professional Headset – Throat-Vibration Speaker/Mic + PTT Finger button


Gadget mavens Brando are at it again, this time offering a device with a convoluted name that bears a roll call of functions just as long – the Professional Headset – Throat-Vibration Speaker/Mic + PTT Finger button. This $22 device is perfect for those who do plenty of talking over their computer, and works best with any Motorola Talkabout 1-pin walkie talkie. Features include :-

  • In-ear earphone
  • Finger-sized small push button
  • Length From Plug to Finger button: 143 cm
  • Length From Plug to Throat-Vibration Mic: 103 cm
  • Length Transparent In-ear earphone: 30-44 cm

I’m not too sure just how comfortable it will be using this gizmo throughout office hours though, considering you’ll have two pieces of plastic pressing gently against your throat all day long.

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