Yumi doll teaches you Japanese


Do you love all things Japanese, from their sake to their food, games, movies and women? Well, why not delve into that interest like never before by picking up the language? Instead of purchasing a CD and a book, there are always more fun ways of doing so – case in point, the Yumi Japanese speaking doll.

The Yumi doll is bilingual and will teach your child 25 to 30 different phrases by stating them in English and in Japanese. You can press her hands and knee for the different sayings. She will go through a set of greetings as well as some favorite subjects and musical instruments. Don’t let your child go through life only saying “Booonssssaiiii”.

Well, it might target kids but it is pretty good for beginners who don’t know nuts as well. Each Yumi doll is not powered by rolls of sushi but a trio of AA batteries instead. ThinkGeek is carrying her for $39.99 a pop.

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