The Eyes have it on the Digital Window

Sure, you could set up a security camera that has weak resolution and a static viewpoint, or you could set up the Digital Window from Scallop Imaging.

The Digital Window uses five ordinary cellular phone cameras for a 180-degree panoramic view. Special software allows the device to graft the pictures together, so the footage is contained on one wide screen instead of five individual camera shots.

You got to hand it for Scallop Imaging for creating a camera with multiple eyes, and they took their technology one step further when it comes to video quality. The Digital Window can shoot at seven megapixels at 15 frames per second, which will give a lot more distinction to motion shots that would normally end up as a blur on most security video cameras.

If you do the math, the Digital Window shoots at 100 megapixels per second! This is provided the user has a 10/100 Ethernet connection. You might notice the Ethernet port on the bottom, so you might want to make certain that the other end is connected to something with a massive hard drive.

So, is the Digital Window the beginning of an age where 180-degree security cameras are watching us? Will they all be connected to Big Brother? Nah, 1984 is better never than late.


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