Survival Straps for those aspiring to be Indiana Jones

by Ally

If you’re looking for useful jewelry to pick up for someone this Christmas, you might check out these Survival Bracelets.  These bracelets may just look like a strangely braided accessory, however, they have a hidden perk.  These can easily be unraveled at which point they reveal their true nature.  The bracelet is made of 15 to 20 feet of 550-pound test paracord.  Which gives you some very useful paracord if you should ever find yourself in a pinch.

At first I was excited about this product, and even looked into buying one for myself.  That is until I remembered that I don’t have a single reason that it would actually be useful to me.  On the plus side though, I’m sure there are at least a couple readers that would like this sort of thing just in case an emergency situation arises.  One perk that makes this bracelet is exceptional, is if you unwind it, you can send it back to have it fixed.  Not only do they sell bracelets, but dog collars, watch straps, anklets, lanyards and even rifle slings.  For the bracelet you can purchase one for around $20 in several different colors.

Source: OhGizmo

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