Portable Digital TV to keep you entertained


We need to be entertained these days no matter where we are – just take a look at the local TV channel and tell me you can’t flip through more than 20 channels without going through each one more than once? Well, just in case you can’t have enough of TV, here’s the Portable Digital TV that comes with an integrated DVB-T receiver that enables you to catch shows on Freeview TV no matter where you are, as long as there is a signal. Pictures will be shown in crystal clear format on its 4.3″ LCD display, and a miniSD memory card slot enables you to view downloaded video files (as long as they come in MP4 format), listen to your favorite songs, or use it as a portable digital photo album. Touch sensitive controls make it a snap to have full control of all its settings in a classy manner, while the rechargeable battery offers up to 3.5 hours of viewing time in TV mode, 7.5 hours in video mode and 42 hours in audio mode. Would you sacrifice portable TV and get all that and more with an iPod? That depends on whether you think this is worth £139.95 or not.

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