LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti


Think back for a moment on how you used to doodle your crush’s name on your desk back in school. Just like how kids these days seem to be all we weren’t, times have changed. Our next generation are now able to mark their territory in a non-permanent electronic fashion thanks to the LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti.

This set of 20 different LEDs each has a battery and a magnet attached. Pull the tab to activate, then toss them on any ferrous metal surface…they stick and glow brightly announcing to everyone in the vicinity that you were indeed there. But make sure you stick the LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti on stuff you own, or are able to remove them later… because gone are the days when you can post funny battery powered LED signs all over Boston and get away with it.

Bear in mind this is not a toy and it contains tiny magnets that could be a choking hazard. Each package will come with 20 different LEDs to get your creative juices flowing, comprising of a quartet of red, blue, green, orange and rainbow cycling LEDs, respectively. The LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti can be yours for $9.99.

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