The Laxman Cometh

If you’re feeling stressed out, you might want to sit back and listen to music on your favorite brand of MP3 player. For those who need the visual stimulation in order to relax, I would like to recommend giving the Laxman a try.

The Laxman comes with a pair of goggles that can fill your eyes with kaleidoscopic light that helps you “shift into a more relaxed state of mind”. Apparently, this relaxation technique is still an all-natural process, because it achieves the same soothing effect that comes from watching “a flickering flame or the glittering surface of a lake”.

These visual and auditory stimuli vibrate at specific frequencies that can somehow effect brain wave patterns. With a little application of the Ganzfeld Effect (overloading the sensory field with a uniform signal from a featureless field of vision) the user will be transported into an “altered state similar to sensory deprivation”.

The Laxman comes preloaded with four hours of relaxation music and matching lightshow. You can even match your favorite MP3 with a pre loaded lightshow if you want to really personalize your relaxation experience.

So, if you want a little more bliss in your life, then perhaps investing in a Laxman might be the way to go. Let’s hope that you don’t have any stress when it comes to money, for the Laxman costs about $649.


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