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Looking for a simple portable GPS locating device but have yet to settle on one that you like? Well, the GPS Homing Device from Hammacher here looks and sounds like the perfect solution if you’re the type who want it the easy way when it comes to locating your car after shopping or simply returning to the exact favorite spot on the beach.

Simply push a button to mark your current location and the device points the way back. Nearly the size of a drink coaster, the compact receiver fits easily on a keychain, in a pocket, or in a purse. Unlike typical GPS units that are highly complex, this one only has two buttons: one for power, another for setting your starting point and two other destinations. It uses an advanced GPS receiver chipset that provides a high degree of accuracy–within five yards–in urban canyons or heavily forested environments thanks to its superior Time To First Fix for locating and locking onto satellite signals. It counts down the distance (in yards, miles, meters, or kilometers) as you approach your starting point and its self-calibrating digital compass displays your heading in degrees and indicates direction with an easy-to-read arrow.

The GPS Homing Device is weather-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use and is powered by a couple of AAA batteries which offer up to 20 hours of operation. The GPS Homing Device can be yours this holiday season for $79.95.

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