Jabra rolls out two more Bluetooth headsets for the masses


Mention Bluetooth headsets and chances are you will hear the name Jabra pop up among your conversations, never mind the likes of Aliph and the rest. Jabra was there almost right from the start, and it was that name that got me introduced to the world of Bluetooth headsets where wearing a Borg-like contraption used to be all the rage a few years ago. I still find it funny whenever I see someone wearing one of these headsets, but it is nice to see time and technology advance to a point where Bluetooth headsets are not only stylish, they offer a greater deal of functionality without sacrificing on battery life. Would be interesting to see an in-ear Bluetooth headset one of these days so that there won’t be any more dangling bits that can be quite an eyesore. This time round, we have a couple of Bluetooth headsets from Jabra known as the M5390 and the BT530. More specific details on both will be available right after the jump.

Jabra M5390 US

  • Up to 200 foot range
  • Up to 6 hours talk time, 60 hours standby time
  • Plug-and-play Bluetooth connectivity to PC or VoIP
  • Comes with Jabra PC Suite with e-hook functionality for Microsoft Office Communicator, Skype and Cisco IP Communicator
  • Wideband audio and noise cancelling microphone
  • True wideband sound quality
  • Two wearing styles (earhook and headband)

Jabra BT530 USB

  • Pairs with 8 devices
  • Plug-and-play Bluetooth adapter for PC applications and soft-phones
  • Includes Jabra PC Suite with VoIP functionality for Skype, Cisco and Microsoft Office Communicator
  • Third generation ear gel design available in three sizes and can be worn with or without the earhook for maximum individualized comfort
  • The 0.35 ounce headset allows for up to 5.5 hours of talk time, up to 250 hours of standby time, and has a maximum range of 33 feet

The Jabra M5390 USB will retail for $191 and arrive at store shelves in January next year, while the $129 Jabra BT530 USB is already available and boasts to be the first Bluetooth headset with Noise Blackout, capable of removing background noise without distorting natural voice quality. Let your ears be the judge.

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