Chocolate Scrabble makes for an appetizing game


I’ve always been rather wary of my English teacher back in school as she attempted to have the class live and breathe the language so that we’ll be well equipped to face the world upon graduation with a strong command of the language, and I certainly appreciate her efforts. If only she used Chocolate Scrabble instead to pique our interest instead of threatening us with detention as well as capital punishment, I mean, a nice whack on the behind with a cane. Chocolate Scrabble will definitely change your outlook about the game, as it offers the following :-

  • It’s Scrabble, but the pieces are made out of chocolate!
  • 32 pieces of chocolate wrapped up to look like Scrabble letters
  • A paper board, so you can play anywhere
  • If you win you receive a big prize – MORE chocolate!
  • If you don’t like chocolate this game is probably not for you
  • Unsuitable for nut allergy sufferers

Needless to say, this is a one time affair only, coz once you’ve eaten up the tiles, you’ll need to fork out £9.99 for another set. Can we have a gummy bear edition, please?

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