Tivoli Audio offers Wi-Fi NetWorks audio system


With the advent of MP3 files, more and more people are depending on their choice of music, although there is still a certain segment who would prefer the traditional radio station to stay entertained. Tivoli Audio brings the best of both worlds with its new breakthrough Wi-Fi NetWorks global audio system that helps play back songs from an Internet radio station in a crystal clear manner, thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. Connections around the world have been getting better and faster all the time, and every single day sees new radio stations sprout up over the Internet, leaving you spoilt for choice.

Best of all is, with the Tivoli Audio NetWorks audio system, you don’t even need a computer to act as a middleman when it comes to connecting to an Internet radio station. In fact, you are able to tune in to “Italian Opera from Milan, rock music from New York City, Rugby from Australia, or that local hometown station from any location in the world in its native language, and in real time.” No matter where you are currently, you are able to stay connected to familiar radio stations with the right settings. In addition, you can also access music files that are stored on a PC without being connected to it directly as long as the Tivoli Audio NetWorks is hooked via a wireless or Ethernet connection to the main network.

NetWorks comes with Tivoli Audio-quality sound as a stand-alone unit, although you do have the choice to expand it with a stereo speaker, CD player, or subwoofer. Each purchase will come in a choice of furniture-quality hardwood cabinets such as Cherry, Walnut or Wenge to suit your interior decor, bringing both form and function in a single device. If you plan to fill your home with tunes from the Internet this holiday season, it would be worth giving the NetWorks a shot.

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