GameCoach offers active gaming lesson plans for PE classrooms


GameCoach is the latest release from Source Brands, Inc., comprising of a book and CD of lessons that offer the first “active gaming” plans for PE classrooms in the country. Chances are they’ll do a pretty good job out of it, considering they have forged the path for such a concept with the GameBike and GamePad earlier on. It would be interesting to see just how much better PE classrooms can get with the help of the GameCoach plans – after all, don’t kids these days get bored with this physical activity known as “sport” when they’re much more interested in their imaginary world of video games?

Scott Bodnar, director of project development for Youth InterACTIVE, is the brain behind the GameCoach, having developed and written it all by himself. The lessons found inside GameCoach will employ the high technology of popular video game consoles, among them the GameBike and GamePads which enable participants to “plug into” these gaming systems, to work in tandem with traditional (old school) equipment including basketballs, volleyballs, jump ropes and the like. These GameCoach lessons were specially formulated around a circuit-training model where GameBikes and GamePads are interspersed among traditional equipment to provide maximum enjoyment and interaction among the participants. Parents might be aghast at what they see during PE lessons since they’re much more used to old school methods, but hey – if it works, why not? After all, aren’t all developed countries battling the curse of obesity across all levels of population these days? If there is a way to kindle interest in physical activities using non-traditional methods, that would help save the government billions many years down the road where healthcare is concerned.

If you’re interested, the GameCoach will be available from physical education catalogs and other companies that distribute PE equipment.

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