Scosche’s ReviveLite charges and doubles as night light

by Ally

Since iPods and iPhones are so popular, the accessories have gotten a great deal of business.  A lot of the companies selling accessories have started to attempt to think outside of the box.  Which does mean that there are a lot of bizarre iPod accessories out there.  However, this one actually makes sense, at least to me.  A lot of people like to have a night light in different places to make wandering the house at night a little safer.  Well then why not combine that with a charger?

It makes it so that you’re using less outlets and you get yet another multi-function gadget.  After all, we can’t stand gadgets with only one function.  The charger works for both the iPhone and the various models of the iPod.  Which would be great for families with more than one iPod or iPhone.  Of course then you also have the fight over who gets to use the charger.  You can pick up the night light/charger for $39.99.

Source: UberReview

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