R2D2 Alarm Clock wakes you with “Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi!”

by James

Okay, not really. But this R2D2 standup alarm clock is bound to attract the Star Wars faithful who’s bedroom at their parent’s house is filled with thousands of dollars in Lucasian memorabilia (wait, that’s Star Trek fans, Star Wars fans actually have lives). Now that I’ve taken the loving swipe at SciFi fans (I kid with love, you know), how can anyone not think that this R2 Alarm clock isn’t the coolest for anyone even with a passing fancy for the SciFi epic?

R2 stands up 6 ½” tall on his three adjustable droid legs which can be changed to alter the angle of projection. R2 also makes classic beeps and chirps from the movie as he displays the time, in hours, minutes and seconds, on the wall along with the current date. The time can be displayed in either classic AM/PM time or in military time using the 24 hour clock designation (where 1pm is 1300, etc.).
The time is also displayed on an LCD screen on R2’s body so that it isn’t displaying the time on the wall all the time. But owners can manually display the time should they choose to.

Cost is about $30 US from Firebox.

Hat Tip – ZATH UK

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