Nightwave helps you sleep using breathing exercises

by Ally

There have been several attempts to find alternative methods to help you fall asleep. Some seem a little ridiculous, but if you don’t want to take sleeping pills a lot of them are worth a try. This light actually seems to be based on a decent idea, whether or not it works is as always questionable. It basically coaches you through breathing exercises till you fall asleep. Which is no different than what you would do to for meditation, so if nothing else it will likely at least get you to relax and unwind before sleep.

The Nightwave has a pale blue light that is supposed to be barely visible. The light fades and rises, you’re supposed to match your breathing with the light. Having something as simplistic as breathing to focus on, it might help you drown out the thoughts that keep your mind too active to sleep. As time goes on it will slow your breathing down more and more. It doesn’t advertise spectacular things, like suddenly making you fall asleep heavily every single time. It merely states that it will help you sleep by relaxing you before bed. To pick it up it will cost you $59.98.

Source: Ubergizmo

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