EDG digital video player

Your business card has far reaching implications that you will never think about (for those who are still wet behind the ears, of course), and having the right design and information on a card could very well separate you from your competitors when potential customers make a purchasing decision. EDG, pronounced edge, is touted to be the first digital video player in the world meant for business use. When purchased in bulk, the price will retail fro $17.50 to $29.50 (depending on the quantity) that allows companies to showcase their “custom audio/video or slide show information where it can be viewed on the card’s 2″ high-resolution LCD color screen”. Content can be loaded or changed repeatedly simply by replacing the file via USB 2.0. Plugging it to a computer will also recharge the card’s battery, making this one useful business presentation tool that truly stands out in recent memory. Perfect for folks who want to use it in a variety of ways, including a code-compliant (pharmaceutical) education tool, a destination souvenir, a frequent flyer membership card, a trade show giveaway, a direct mail video brochure, a product manual, a language learning device, and much more.

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