3DiJoy Technologies to ship FlingPC controller in time for Christmas


3DiJoy Technologies is a name not well known to many, but the company is the brain behind a fair number of sophisticated PC-based, motion-sensitive video game solutions and 3D video games. With a little bit more light shed on their background, perhaps we can look at their latest product with more of an open mind without bringing up a mention of Nintendo’s best selling console for this generation. In fact, 3DiJoy Technologies will begin to ship the new FlingPC-branded video game solution in time for Santa and his little helpers to shove these down chimneys of those who are interested during this Yuletide season.

What does 3DiJoy offer this time round? Well, the FlingPC comprises of a wireless remote architecture that merges with multiple technologies for precise motion interaction, including Bluetooth connectivity, an accelerometer and a built-in gyro. In addition to gaming, one needs to live a balanced life – which is why this technology also offers full wireless mouse functionality with pinpoint accuracy, so that you won’t accidentally misclick the “Send” button and let the whole office know about your tryst with the boss last night just because you inserted the wrong email recipients during composition. 3DiJoy has ensured that its motion-sensing architecture will feature industry-leading response time and extremely low power consumption when compared to other competitive solutions (as though they have that much competition in this aspect – can anybody say Wiimote?) One advantage this has over the Wiimote would be doing away with the need for sensor bars, but what’s the whole point of having great hardware when you don’t have the software to back it up?

That could very well be the biggest challenge for 3DiJoy and their FlingPC controller, since the PC-platform doesn’t really have a wide variety of games that are as engaging visually and physically compared to the Nintendo Wii, and that could very well work against it. Pricing begins from $99 upwards, depending on the type of bundle you choose.

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mario kart wii Says: December 10, 2008 at 12:11 am

what will be the advatage of this game while playing on nintendo wii.

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