Vornado TouchStone Vortex Heat 600


There’s nothing quite like a nice heater in your home to combat the harsh chill of winter, and the Vornado TouchStone Vortex Heat 600 does not look as though it will disappoint. Heck, even the manufacturer has already dubbed it the “world’s smartest heater”.

Using advanced technology, the thermostatic remote control of the TVH 600 can be placed anywhere in the room and senses the heat around it. It then relays the temperature reading to the heater to monitor and maintain a more accurate room temperature. An interactive digital touch screen control panel allows precise control and ease of use when selecting the heater settings. Comes equipped with automatic climate control, eliminating hot and cold cycles, maintaining the set temperature using less energy.

With automatic climate control, you will be able to do away with pesky hot and cold cycles while keeping the earth green as well, since maintaining the set temperature consumes less energy. The TVH 600 is able to fully circulate warm air throughout the whole room for an even temperature. Each purchase comes with a Smart Remote that will read and relay temperature to the unit for a more accurate temperature reading. No worries about curious kids poking their fingers inside the Vornado TouchStone Vortex Heat 600, since it has automatic tip-over protection, non-glowing heat element, cool touch cabinet, and tight grill spirals. You can pick this puppy up for $199.99.

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