Remote Control Toys Gift Guide


Remote control gear is popular with both young and old geek a like, here’s ten of our favourites priced from the frugal to the filthy rich.

Dueling Galactic Marines Copter Set – $19.99

Dueling Galactic Marines Copter Set

This Dueling Galactic Marines Copter Set gets you a set of two mini r/c helicopters with infra-red laser tag style battle action. Take to the air from the palm of your hand then use the shoulder button on the remote unleash a plasma blast your opponent copter. Each shot causes the gun of your galactic marine to flash with simulated gunfire. The first hit causes your enemy to spin. The second makes the enemy copter lose power… the third cuts rotor power completely as your opponent plummets to the ground and you gloat in victory.

The Dueling Galactic Marines Copter Set is available from Think Geek for $19.99.


Remote Control Moon In My Room – $29.95

Remote Control Moon In My Room

Bring the beauty of the moon right into your room with this authentic, remote control, model moon. Features: Built-in-light sensor illuminates moon when it gets dark, Rotates through 12 lunar phases, True-to-life, detailed lunar moonscape, Easily mounts to wall with three different hanging angles

The Remote Control Moon In My Room is available from Discovery for $29.95.


Equalizer Stunt Car – $39.99

Equalizer Stunt Car

Perform wheelies, power slides, drifts and other amazing feats with the ultimate stunt machine. Gear up for fast and furious stunt action that shows what a high-powered machine can do.

The Equalizer Stunt Car is available from Discovery for $39.99.


Flytech Dragonfly – $49.95

Flytech Dragonfly

Who says RC flying machines are unflappable? Not us because the state-of-the-art Dragonfly is the world\’s first wing-flapping RC robot. It\’s so realistic onlookers will be reaching for the insecticide.

The Flytech Dragonfly is available from Firebox for $49.95.


R/C Laser Tag Shocking Tanks – $49.99

R/C Laser Tag Shocking Tanks

Each set comes with two R/C controllers and two tanks on different radio frequencies. Simply turn them on and try to shoot your opponents tank with your infra-red cannon. The tanks move forwards, backwards left and right just like any other tank. Each time you successfully hit your opponents tank, they will receive a shock from their controller. Winning a match requires five successive hits to your opponents tank.

The R/C Laser Tag Shocking Tanks is available from Think Geek for $49.99.


Mega-Blimp Combo Airship and UFO – $54.75

Mega-Blimp Combo  Airship and UFO

Execute daring missions with the strobing light MegaBlimp Combo, which includes both the Airship-1 and the Area 51 UFO air vessels.The two vessels are activated and controlled by a removable triple-fan silent electric propulsion system. This triple axis control system means it can be flown forward, backward, up and down and perform 360 degree turn-on-a-dime maneuvers. Full control and maneuvering of the air vessels is maintained from a hand-held transmitter witha range of over 100\’. It is recommended you use your blimps indoors but on a calm day they can be flown outdoors using the included tether and tether hooks.

The Mega-Blimp Combo Airship and UFO is available from Amazon for $54.75.


Alien Racer R/C Skrash – $59.92

Alien Racer R/C Skrash

Skrash is 1 of the 4 cool new Alien Racers from MGA entertainment. This bizarre walking skeleton is mysterious and unpredictable and will do anything to get the coveted XenoEnergy as his full-functioning R/C vehicle speeds along with built-in sound effects and awesome lights. Skrash is amazingly detailed and includes fully articulated limbs, 2 detachable weapons, collectible poster and CD-ROM comic book.

The Alien Racer R/C Skrash is available from Amazon for $59.92.


PicoZ Havoc Battle Set – $69.95

PicoZ Havoc Battle Set

Aimlessly woka-woka-ing around the sitting room is for wimps. Proper Real pilots battle for airspace with these beam-blasting infra-red whirlybirds. A direct hit temporarily disables your rechargeable mini chopper, so you\’ll need real skill to stay airborne. Look out, incoming 3 o\’clock!

The PicoZ Havoc Battle Set is available from Firebox for $69.95.


Super Cub RTF Electric – $159.99

Super Cub RTF Electric

Anybody can have a good time flying the new Super Cub RTF. It comes right out of the box with everything you need included…even batteries for the transmitter. The Super Cub is equipped with 3-channel control that helps provide a true-scale flying experience. Throttle, steering and pitch controls allow you to learn the basics of RC flight, safely and simply, while still having a great time flying.

The Super Cub RTF Electric is available from RC Boca Hobbies for $159.99.


Remote Controlled Ride On Sports Car – $349.95

Remote Controlled Ride On Sports Car

This remote-controlled, ride-on sports car allows parents to safely command a child\’s driving, or parents can relinquish control to the young driver at the touch of a button. Both modes enable movement forwards, backwards, left, and right, up to a gentle 3 mph. A seat belt and four sturdy EPP tires provide stability and safety during jaunts along the sidewalk.

The Remote Controlled Ride On Sports Car is available from Hammacher for $349.95.


If nothing takes your fancy hear check out last years R/C Toy guide or the insane amount of R/C stuff on Amazon.

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S Says: December 2, 2008 at 10:23 am

Wheres the Rovio Driver that you can control with your iphone through its acceolmeter and 3g connection?

lianghucheng Says: May 14, 2010 at 12:23 am

I was actually looking for this resource a few weeks back. Great post! Thank you!

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