Assemble your last Christmas Tree with Treekeeper

Although I have historically been a real tree guy when it comes to decking the halls, the quality of fake Christmas trees has steadily improved to the point where it makes pretty good sense to own one. Sure, it rather flies in the face of tradition, and “oh tannenbaum” and all that, but the really good ones come with Christmas tree light preinstalled and even have that pine tree smell. And they look very realistic. In fact, the only real reason to not own one is the hassle of setting it up and tearing it down every Christmas. Well, Treekeeper solves that problem as well.

Treekeeper is a very simple idea. Place the tree – stand an all – in a zip up bag that can stand up and store it in the corner of your garage. It comes with a built in dolly wheel array so you don’t even have to lug it out. Just roll it into the garage. There are a variety of designs which also come with handles for hanging on the wall, and triangular models so that owners can even store their tree completely decorated. That means owners can setup and decorate their trees in minutes, rather than making a day of it. And there are also Treekeeper storage solutions for wreaths, ornaments, giftwrapping, lights, and Christmas villages.

Prices start at around $80.

Hat Tip – Craziest Gadgets