The Belkin SportCommand controls iPod with giant remote

by Ally

This Belkin SportCommand adds a slightly different twist to the usual items built to deal with your iPod while you’re working out.  Although it appears like the iPod should just be within that pouch, it’s not.  Actually the iPod can be put into an inner coat pocket or anywhere else you might want to put it.  That giant arm band isn’t there to protect your iPod like you might have guessed.  It’s actually a giant remote control.

The remote control is designed for colder days when your hands are covered in gloves and you want to skip a song or pause it.  You just attach the other piece to your iPod and it works wirelessly.  The wireless will work through walls and of course jackets and backpacks as well.  It’s water-resistant and has up to a 50ft range.  The only down side would be finding a spot to put your iPod that you’re comfortable with.  You can pick it up on Amazon for around $70.

Source: GadgetGrid

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