Nikon D3x launched

Nikon is at the top of its game, this time round having launched the D3X FX-format digital SLR camera that comes with a whopping 24.5-megapixel resolution to capture everything you see in great detail sans noise. This means the D3X is able to offer professional photographers the chance to bring home commercial-quality image performance in the versatile D-SLR form factor that they’re used to. Needless to say, the Nikon D3X is the flagship digital camera from the company, and you won’t find anything better coming out from them at least for a while.

Inside the D3X, one will find that the heart of the D3X is its FX-format, 24.5-megapixel (6048 x 4032) CMOS sensor that offers extreme resolution, dynamic range, color depth, detail and sharpness that will satisfy even the most demanding clients. It can be used to create catalogs, magazine covers, billboards or gallery prints without too much hassle, where its large 5.49-micron pixel size and high signal to noise ratio is able to churn out vibrant images with breathtaking image fidelity while keeping lost highlights and shadows to a minimum, resulting in smoother tone reproduction with minimized noise. You are able to capture up to five frames-per-second (fps) in 14-bit file format, which translates to approximately 138MB per image. Better bust the bank account to purchase a bunch of memory cards for use with the D3X as you’ll run out of them pretty fast.

The D3X currently works fine with Nikon’s Creative Lighting System (CLS) that offers photographers a mobile lighting solution which is easy to manage. In addition, you can hook it up to Nikon’s GP-1 GPS receiver to gather information such as latitude, longitude, altitude and date of shooting for those who love archiving stuff. When tethered via USB, you are able to send images to a computer directly. The Nikon D3X will be out this month, retailing for a whopping $7,999.95.

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  1. my firt digital camera was nikon.i have been victim of larceny. now i want to purchase a digital SLR camera, i am a left handed, so i would like to know if your company manufacture for left handed person ok. do sent me other comcorder etc. thank 4 taking time to read my mail

  2. it very good i did photograhic course, so i am interested in digital camera, just 4 pleasure but it a bit expensive. but is very good quality.

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