Holocube 3-D: Holograms available in box-form

Some of you may remember when Coolest Gadgets covered CNN’s supposed “hologram” of will.i.am covering the American election last month. Of course, that hologram was nothing more than special effects, but here is an article about the real deal.

I’m not talking about those tiny holograms on your credit cards or certain magazine covers, and I’m not talking about the ones as cool as Princess Leia’s distress call in the original Star Wars. The holographic technology that I am writing about now is the Holocube 3D, somewhere in the middle of these two advancements.

The Holocube 3D is a box that has a genuine hologram inside. It comes in three sizes of 10, 15, and 17 inches, and has a 40GB worth of hard drive for authentic holographic video footage.

Of course, I’m not sure if 40GB is enough to hold the memory required for a hologram. I’m also not certain where you will get the hologram in the first place. Do you need to purchase the hologram separate from the Holocube? If so, then you will have to go through the complex process of making a hologram.

If the hologram is sold separately, then this cube may be even more expensive than the current tag of $9,000. That might be a small price to pay for some unique décor.