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Shred Easy is a name that’s pretty much self-explanatory – it specializes in churning out shredders that are an important fixture at any office, gobbling up important information and making sure that said document suffers a similar fate as Humpty Dumpty, where nobody who takes a look at the post-shredding handiwork will be able to piece together the original. This time round, Shred Easy has unveiled yet another member to its range of mobile shredding devices known as the Urban Shredder. It is tipped that the Urban Shredder will be a common sight in city centers sometime in the near future throughout the UK from 23rd November onwards, offering on-site shredding services.

Shred Easy wants to be the market leader in producing a mobile shredding vehicle that offers a comprehensive document destruction service which is also able to minimize carbon emissions in the process. The result? A smaller, lighter and quieter vehicle for onsite document destruction. The Urban Shredder is able to go about its business despite running on a more compact engine compared to its predecessors, while the reduced weight results in less oil and even less fuel during normal transit and shredding processes. This will translate to a higher level of cost efficiency, aiding environmental benefits while lowering noise levels by a reasonable amount.

The Urban Shredder weighs 7.5 tons and is touted to be the “most advanced mobile document destruction unit operating in the UK today”. It packs in 180 horse power to bring secure destruction services to your door, literally placing it streets ahead of the competition. It also measures 6 meters in length, rendering it the shortest mobile shredding in the market to date. Being highly maneuverable, the Urban Shredder is able to provide you with the best portable shredding service ever experienced, if you give it a go, that is. If you want to do your bit for the environment, give the Urban Shredder a go. After all, all paper will be recycled and trees will be planted on behalf of customers and vehicles scheduled on green routes.

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Industrial Paper Shredder Says: January 19, 2009 at 5:40 am

Home shredders are very helpful as well as cheap there are usually old documents and records related to banking and saving sheets.

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