Firewinder relies on wind to power up


Want to do your bit in keeping the earth green while decorating your home? Well, there are many ways to do so, including solar-powered fairy lights, solar-powered lawnmowers and the like, and today we have yet another idea for you to consider – the Firewinder. Let’s face it, any product named like it will definitely be interesting to look at, and the Firewinder certainly doesn’t come up short when it comes to looking cool! This decorative outdoor light is able to visualize the wind’s energy, turning just about any breeze into light to give your garden a lovely glowing ambience.

100% wind-powered, Firewinder is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. By day it’s a relatively unobtrusive dangling corkscrew doodah that spins in the wind. But when night falls and the wind blows, it lights up, creating a beautiful spiraling effect. The faster the blow the greater the glow, so in a real gust Firewinder becomes a pulsating pillar of light. It’s truly spellbinding and eco-friendly to boot. Firewinder’s helical wing captures the wind from any angle, and it’s so light it will catch the lightest of breezes. Simply attach it to a tree, roof terrace or wall using the included hanging kit (featuring sturdy stainless steel quick release fixing points) and wait for the wind to blow.

The Firewinder was specially designed to spin clockwise, so those who wish it to do so otherwise are out of luck. Small issue that, though. It is also nice to know that the Firewinder has been specially engineered to withstand just about any kind of inclement weather, capable of offering year after year of mesmerizing entertainment without adding to your home’s carbon footprint. Firebox is currently carrying the Firewinder for £99.99 a pop. Why not go green this holiday season instead of further burdening the earth with more plastic devices that do more than just sip power?

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