Indamixx Laptop from Trinity Audio Group

We know of notebooks and netbooks, but what about mobile audio computers? Let’s take a look at that today, with the Indamixx laptop from Trinity Audio Group. This affordable Linux audio netbook comes with pre-loaded audio and mobility software to help get you started right out of the box, and it will retail for $499 to ensure that value conscious music producers, DJs and remixers will be able to get the most bang from their buck compared to other software. More on the Indamixx laptop right after the jump.

The Indamixx, in a nutshell, is an all-in-one solution that allows Web-savvy DJs and performers to integrate Web streaming broadcasts into their world. It is powered by the very same processor that moves a whole ton of netbooks in the market – the Intel Atom processor, although you won’t find Windows running in the background as we’re talking Linux power here. The Indamixx is pre-loaded with audio software to help one produce and broadcast music or audio recordings on-the-go.

The Indamixx laptop runs on the Transmission 2.1 OS that is more than ready to make music applications the minute you turn it on. It also boasts complete music production software such as award winning energy XT2 and Ardour, while you can access high quality plug-ins and effects at a mere click of the mouse. With the ArdourXchange simple audio ambassador, it is able to interpret your audio sessions and import them directly into Ardour for continued production. Indamixx is ready to rock and roll right out of the box, working just fine with the majority of today’s popular audio interfaces, microphones and MIDI controllers.

The Indamixx laptop also doubles up as an Internet DJ console, allowing you to broadcast audio playlists and let your friends tune into your channel and listen to your show or podcast. With Skype, you can always keep in touch with your listeners, while Firefox takes care of all your browsing needs. The Indamixx laptop will retail for just $499 and can be pre-ordered with a $99 downpayment. Shipping will commence in time for it to arrive at your doorstep before Christmas.

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