The Black Rose USB Drive Necklace

by Ally

There have been several attempts at USB jewelry, well now here is one more.  This little black rose may not be anything to gush about, but it does give hope that better things could be created.  It’s not horrible, now they’ve at least found something that 60 year old secretaries will wear that enjoy lots of jewelry.  It is still of course a bit chunky, so if you prefer dainty pendants it’s going to be harder to find any USB jewelry that will ever fit what you want.  Of course they just couldn’t resist adding tiny crystals to the necklace.

It doesn’t have a lot of storage packed in, it’s only a 2GB drive.  So it will only handle smaller jobs, but I am starting to wonder if in a few more years someone won’t actually come out with a USB drive necklace that the general public can appreciate.  This drive will work with Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and Mac OS.  The actual USB connector itself retracts to be stored on the inside of the rose.  You can pick it up for $25 on USB Geek.

Source: Geekalerts

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