LIFT Concept Car takes parking up

One of our present-day problems that will only get worse in the future is parking. There are only so many places to put cars in the big city. I’m not looking forward to the days when parking garages will be as high as the Empire State Building.

Maybe we can use the parking method seen in I, Robot. Remember the scene where Will Smith parks his car, and then a giant robot arm takes his car and parks his car in a futuristic rack full of cars?

There is similar option for parking in the future called the LIFT. As you can see, this three-wheeled car has a back wheel behind it that can connect to an overhead track. Now the car can be put in an out-of-the-way place.

As you can see, the car is only designed for one person, which of course brings up a separate issue entirely. I suppose one-person cars might take up less space on the road. Considering most people drive to work and don’t carpool, one-person vehicles actually make a lot of sense.

I am wondering if putting cars on railings is a feasible option to getting more parking space. If all these cars are in a row, how do you get one car out that is in the middle?

Well, we shall see. I’m not certain when this will be available. As you can see, these pictures look a little CG.


1 thought on “LIFT Concept Car takes parking up”

  1. i have only one question seeing as the other has already been asked. how does the person get their car again? its ‘out of the way’ so to get their car again, how would they get the ‘right’ one?

    maybe for now, this’ll only be good for rental cars. where it doesn’t matter which car you get as long as you get one^^..and that they all have the same key o.o

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