Bajca Emoticon Keyboard

by Mark R

Every once in a while a gadget comes out that is so weird, and you wonder how it can’t catch on. Take Swatch watches, the Rubik’s Cube, or all other fads from the eighties.

Is it possible that the Bajca could be the next fad for the new millennium? It definitely incorporates a fad from the last decade with the emoticons.

The Bajca is a keyboard that connects to the computer via USB. All the little balls there can serve as buttons for automatically inserting our favorite little yellow headed friends into our instant messages.

The weirdest thing about the Bajca is that the balls on the keyboard are completely removable. They even have tiny holes in them like pearls so the user can make them into a necklace, put them on a bracelet, or some other kind of jewelry.

So, the question I am asking is how do you push the buttons when you remove the buttons for jewelry? Hopefully there is some sign indicator to tell you where to put the emoticon back, and you can still use the key in that case.

My source does not say when this Bajca emoticon keyboard will be available, and they do not mention a price either. Too bad, because the Bajca is quirky enough to catch on.


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