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Xerox is a name well known for its photostat machines and copiers, and this time round they have released something to do with those machines in a sense – the EverFlat Paper. Wait a minute, am I missing out on something here? All the time I thought that you couldn’t get any flatter than ordinary paper, and here we have Xerox defying convention with the EverFlat Paper. What is it all about, anyway? For starters, the EverFlat paper enables both photos and books to lay completely flat, allowing them to look more appealing to consumers. More explanation will come right after the jump, but just to let you know, alongside the EverFlat Paper’s release, we also have four more photo paper products from Xerox that makes it a snap for digital print providers, minilabs and retail outlets to deliver non-traditional photo items including school photos, little league baseball cards and restaurant table-top displays.

According to Steve Simpson, vice president and general manager, Xerox Supplies Business Unit, “These new applications are easy-to-implement, high-margin opportunities that allow businesses to get the most of their existing digital technology investments. The traditional photo business currently is challenged by new technologies and new consumer attitudes, and the ability to offer premium and unique eye-catching products is a key factor for success in this business.”

Xerox EverFlat Paper allows the pages in an open book to lay completely flat, rather than bowing or arcing up toward the spine. Flat pages make it easier to view an image across two pages. The paper has an 80 lb. cover weight that provides a thicker, premium feel over traditional paper. It can be used for photo books as well as computer / technical manuals, desk calendars, textbooks, cookbooks and music books.

As for the other new photo paper applications, they are as follows :-

  • Xerox PhotoPix, a pre-cut, tabloid-sized sheet that creates one 8″ x 10″, one 5″ x 7″ and four wallet-size high-gloss photos. No additional pre- or post-printing finishing is required. PhotoPix is cost effective because from just one print the customer can produce six photos. The sheet is perforated in the center so it can be folded and placed into a conventional 9″ x 12″ envelope. PhotoPix requires no cutting or trimming.
  • Xerox SportsPix, a letter-sized, pre-cut sheet that simplifies the process of printing on-demand trading cards – a popular application. SportsPix sheets create two double-sided cards and are ideal for jobs that require photos, plus text. Once assembled, the end customer has two double-sided traditional trading cards, both with matching size and thickness.
  • Xerox FunFlip, which is almost photo origami. The product starts as a letter-sized sheet that folds into a 3″ x 3″ square, and then can unfold to display four different images. The product can be used to create business-to-business applications, like unique marketing pieces, as well as consumer photo applications, like party invitations.
  • Xerox AccordianPix, an application that is folded into a free-standing, panorama of eight images. Using a letter-sized sheet, users can create a photo display without a frame or additional support. Like FunFlip, AccordianPix has both consumer applications, like family photos, and business-to-business applications, like a restaurant-table topper for special menu items or quick, visually-appealing product displays. The application is created with no additional finishing.

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