Samsung’s Folding Screen Cellular phone

by Mark R

I am not certain if Samsung has created an industry first with a folding screen cellular phone, because I am most certain that I have heard of this application being tried out before on some underdeveloped concept phone of some type. I’ve always wondered what mobile phone company was going to perfect the folding screen tech first, and how much money they would make off of it.

The FPD International 2008 tech conference was host to the first (but probably not first ever) folding cell phone. This phone is brought to you by our friends at Samsung, who love to bring us new display technology like the Virtual Window Display and SkyV Virtual Skylight.

Yes, the folding screen is a flexible OLED developed by Samsung SDI, and it is clearly positioned to revolutionize the world of mobile phones as we know it. No more running applications on a tiny screen anymore. Now you will have a display that will be at least one fourth the size of your normal computer screen.

Of course, there is no word from the electronics giant Samsung when this fine folding screen product will be available to the general public. However, I can’t imagine it will be anytime soon.


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