Coffee Cup Power Inverter charges your gadgets

by Ally

Keeping all of your gadgets charged and ready to go can be a pain when you’re always busy.  Well now if you need to charge a gadget that doesn’t have a car charger attachment, you can still manage to charge it up.  It will also be great for those times when you’ve left your car charger for your cellphone someplace.  You could easily thieve the wall charger from home and pop it in your car.  Just put this cup into a cup holder, then plug it into your car charger and you have two three prong outlets to play with.

Along with the three prong outlets, it also features a USB port to charge other gadgets like your iPod.  Which means if you’re a gadget addict, you can charge three of them at once while you’re on your way to work.  The cup is 6” tall and will fit in standard cup holders.  Being about the size of a coffee cup, it would likely manage to fit in the cup holder of a VW Beetle.  Which trust me, is a grand accomplishment in itself.  You can pick up the charger for $29.95 on Think Geek.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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