The Molded Felt Lamp

by Ally

Here is another quirky lamp to check out.  Although, I admit this one does have a surprising twist to it.  With its chic flowing lines it looks as if it were a concept design or from one of the overpriced design sites.  However, I was surprised to find that this little lamp is actually an item straight from my favorite online store, Etsy.  I honestly never would have guessed from looking at the photographs.  Actually the only thing I gathered from the pictures is that the shaped of the lamp looked a bit like a breast.  I even triple checked the site to see if it was on purpose or rather if they were admitting to it.

The lamp itself is made from molded felt, it originally started out as non-dyed industrial felt.  It was designed by Mathew Radune along with Susanna Hohman who assisted in the project.  It measures 13″ wide bye 24″ tall, which seems fairly large.  To work the light, you just pop in a compact fluorescent bulb.  It is currently up for sale on Etsy, as mentioned above.  You can pick it up for  a whopping $175.

Source: Bltd

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