Eclipse Solar Gear keeps you charged at all times


With the amount of traveling we do these days as well as the huge number of functions crammed into most devices released in recent memory, it goes without saying that battery life is of utmost importance. All that running around and staying connected ain’t something we all like either, as the office requires us to be contactable at (nearly) all times. With that in mind, it is no surprise to run out of juice sooner than we expect, and it isn’t always as convenient as your home where a power outlet is within reach 24/7. What happens when you’re on the road and desperately need to squeeze out a few more minutes’ worth of talk time on your phone? Well, apart from carrying ever larger and heavier battery packs, why not settle for something green instead – with the Eclipse Solar Gear in mind?

The original patented Eclipse Solar Gear product line is perfect for such situations, since you can get sunlight virtually everywhere unless your line of work involves working in coal mines all day long. With solar panels lining up the outside of these handsome looking bags, they are able to trickle charge the batteries of a wide range of electronics such as cell phones, smartphones, hand-held GPS units, portable handheld consoles, portable media players and MP3 players courtesy of a convenient solar charging solution. In essence, anything that you are able to connect into your vehicle’s 12V auto adapter is fully compatible with the trickle charge method found in the Eclipse Solar Gear line.

The thin film flexible solar panel used was specially designed to withstand the environment, offering a long lasting source of personal solar energy for your gadgets. You can pick the Fusion Messenger Bags in gray, black, and natural heavy canvas with leather trim, and they all come with a limited lifetime warranty for materials and workmanship.

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