Neuros Link gives your Television Access to Online Video Streaming

by Mark R

Since I do a lot of work on my computer during prime time hours, I miss a lot of shows. I do most of my serious TV watching from network websites on my laptop. Personally, I think video streaming is one of the greatest inventions for those who don’t own a TiVo. Now I can watch Chuck, Heroes, and all my favorite television shows with limited commercial interruptions.

The only thing that I miss is watching my favorite programs on my television itself. Generally I watch them on a tiny screen in the corner while I am doing other work. However, I could get a Neuros Link, which will give my television access to sites such as CBS, Hulu,, FanCast,, even YouTube.

The Neuros Link can be connected to the television via HDMI, with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 of 1080p. Other features include 1GB of RAM, 4GB of flash memory, Gigabit Ethernet support, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, and 6 USB 2.0 ports. Control of the Neuros Link is attainable with the wireless Neuros Keymote, a 2.4 GHz keyboard with a trackball mouse.

Right now, this is still in the Gamma phase of launch, but it should be about $299 with no additional subscription fees when available.


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