Let’s sWAP a watch for a phone


A watch phone is one piece of convergence consumer electronics that I don’t really agree with – it looks plain weird talking to your wrist (hence making a Bluetooth headset essential), and the screen is way to small to be of any productive use. Still, that hasn’t stopped people from coming out with a range of watch phones, and the sWAP is the latest in a long line.

The sWaP Watch has turned the tables on our plucky pocket phone friend and has stolen all of its coolest functions. It not only tells the time, but the wearer can pop in their SIM card to transform the watch into a wrist communicator a la Dick Tracy. And there’s more. Built into the strap is a 1.3 megapixel camera, so you can sneakily snap all of those top secret government documents you keep finding left on the pub table – or you could just take pics of your mates. The memory card slot allows you to insert a T-Flash card to upgrade the already impressive 128MB memory to a whopping 2GB. With all that memory you’ll have no problem storing all your MP3s and you can even watch MP4 movies on the 1.5 TFT color touch screen. You can access WAP sites, bringing the world wide web to your wrist and the watch is Bluetooth enabled, so if you’re sick of getting tangled up in your hands free kit you can banish the wires forever.

You will be able to pick up the sWAP watch for £249, and it makes for an interesting Christmas present.

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