The lazy winner of last week’s coolest gadget is…


It was a three gadget race for last week’s coolest gadget crown and laziness won out with the winner being: Robot Legs.

They will reduce the load on your legs by supporting your weight as you walk. You just sit on the unicycle-type seat and the leg frames bend like knees. They run on two motors which are controlled by signals from the sensors inside the shoes. It all sounds great but I must say that when I first saw those pictures, I did wonder how the boys might fare…

I preferred my mates response on Twitter:

robots legs cause I’m lazy.. too lazy to comment as well 🙂 see you sunday

Congrats to Decide What to Buy for again submitting a coolest gadget winner.

water slide simulator
In a very close second place we have the water slide simulator

Imagine going to a water park with no lines, slides that last more than a few seconds, and being able to create your own slide before you ride it. Well hopefully you will be able to in the future. If you saw this week’s episode of Prototype This that’s exactly what they ended up creating.

lawn mower
Finally in third place we have the obligatory robotic entry, the solar powered lawn mower.

Capable of mowing 3/4 acre, the 18 volt, 4 amp Auto Mower 230 runs 90 minutes on a single charge and cuts 1300 square feet per hour. The Auto Mower even returns to its own charging station when its power is running low!

Thanks to everybody who voted, submitted, commented or told a friend (and if you did all 4 you’re an absolute star). As a thank you the following 2 people win $50 Amazon vouchers:

Voting and leaving a comment: kirk.justin

Telling a friend: Jessica (who told Beth)

Thanks again everybody and good luck with the next CGOTW contest on Friday.

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