Danball Finger Massaging Robot

What you are seeing here is not some sort of electrically powered bowling ball, but the Danball Finger Massaging Robot. Of course, this product is not a “robot” by any stretch of the imagination. Unless you can roll it down a bowling alley and make it knock over more pins.

No, you won’t be seeing this thing on autonomous power at any given time, but is designed for finger relaxation. It uses shiatsu massage techniques in order to sooth pressure points on the fingertips.

I am assuming this massage is accomplished with some kind of vibration power going on. In addition to the tactile massage, the Danball will also use infrared rays to treat fingernails to “improve growth while a soothing melody and LED light show enhance relaxation”.

The Danball Massager is designed for home use, but I can easily see it being used in most offices. Maybe this could help treat the plague of carpel tunnel or repeated wrist syndrome. Anything that could make the fingers feel good after a long day of work is worth the investment for me.

If they are worth the investment for you, then you must have expensive tastes. The price is (wait for it) $1991.00.