The Bottle Cap Tripod

by Ally

Photography is always a fun and very rewarding hobby to pick up.  You get lots of pretty pictures of your friends and family as well as pictures of the places you’ve been.  Once you get fairly serious about photography you have to start making the choice as to whether or not to use a tripod.  Tripods have major benefits to them, you get cleaner and steadier pictures, plus then you can use the timer on your camera more often.  One serious issue I have with them though is that they are so bulky.  Even once they’re broken down they can be obnoxious to carry.  Well that’s where this Bottle Cap Tripod comes in handy.

Just slip it onto a regular bottle and set the bottle on a flat surface, then you have your portable tripod.  This tripod could easily fit into your pocket and if you’re a big water bottle drinker it won’t be hard at all for you to find a bottle to use with this.  You will have to use it in places you know you’ll have a table or something about that height handy, which is a slight down side.  However, in situations you know you won’t have a table, you can still use your full size tripod.  Then for traveling or when you just don’t want to carry as much equipment you could use this.  You can pick it up for $10 on Charles and Marie.

Source: Bltd

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