Supercar Driving Experiences – Ultimate gift for petrol heads

I had something of a fun day on Sunday, I was invited by 6th Gear Driving Experiences to head on up to Elvington (near York) and have the thrill of driving a few supercars around a race track, cool times!

In total there was about a million pounds (about $1.5m ) worth of cars to play with. I had the pleasure of zooming round in an Aston Martin DB9, Aston Martin Vantage and a Lamborghini Gallardo (this beast can spit fire out of it’s exhausts) (I managed to get stuck behind a slow Ferrari that I was too chicken to overtake).

Along as driving the cars we also received expert tuition from seasoned racers, who encouraged us to push the limits (more of our abilities rather than the cars I think). They showed us how it should be done by taking us out in a Caterham, which seemed to go at stupidly fast speeds even around the chicanes.

I think the following picture of Chris summed up how we all felt about the day:

For further info and reviews check out what my friends thought of the experience, Chris Garret, Kieron Donoghue, Dave Naylor and Patrick Altoft.

A massive thanks to Simon George (MD of 6th Gear Supercar Driving Experiences), for the invite and treating us like VIPs all day.

If you want to spoil somebody this Christmas and can’t quite afford buying them a Lamborghini, driving experience days start from ~£100. They even have a dual control Ferrari 360 which can be driven by youngsters for £89, my 11 year old daughter has already added this to her already ridiculously long Christmas list.

2 thoughts on “Supercar Driving Experiences – Ultimate gift for petrol heads”

  1. @Fred, thought I had. I drove 2 Astons (DB9 and Vantage) and the Lamborghini Gallardo. Was driven around in the Cateham and a BMW M3. A blown engine and paying customers meant I missed out or driving a Ferarri, next time 🙂

  2. Driving Experience days are really good fun and make an excellent gift, especially for those annoying people who already have everything!!!

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