Microwavable Breakfast Sandwich Maker

by Ally

Cooking for one is always a pain.  I know at least in the US it seems like every meal is created for people cooking for three or more.  So if you want to cook those large meals, usually that means you’re eating leftovers for the next week just off of one meal.  All depending on how much you can eat in one sitting.   Me, I’m a snacker, so it doesn’t take much food at all before I’m full.  The massive sized meals in US restaurants leave plenty of leftovers for me.  Well if you need a little help finding something to eat for just you, this cool little tray would be perfect for a quick breakfast or a late night meal.

It has room for two eggs as well as two slices of breakfast meats.  It also has a built-in egg cracker which would mean you would have less dishes to clean since you don’t need an extra bowl.  To make it easier to remove the eggs from the tray it has an egg lifter.  It would also mean you’re saving money if you tend to get your breakfast sandwiches from a fast food restaurant.  You can pick up this microwave tray for $9.99 on Amazon.

Source: RGS

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