V-Moda introduces Vibe II with microphone


V-Moda has recently rolled out its newest pair of luxury headphones from its Vibe line, known as the Vibe II with Microphone. This fashion-forward headphone will definitely go down well with any iPhone or iPod models, as it features a noise-isolating dual-use headphone/headset which brings new meaning to the headphone category by merging together all the best elements of design, function, high definition acoustics and ergonomics. The V-Moda Vibe II with Microphone headphones will be launched exclusively at the Apple Store in time for the frenzied holiday shopping season, although you can also place your orders online via Apple.com and shop.v-moda.com as well.

Vibe II with Microphone aims to bring the best in sight, sound and touch, although I’m sure that most of us would be more concerned about its audio performance above all. The overall build is solid to say the lesat, featuring a tactual sensation which is comparable to the finest jewelry and watches – that’s what V-Moda claims anyway, and perhaps there is a wee bit of exaggeration thrown in there for good measure. Made from stainless steel alloy, these headphones are meticulously handcrafted using an environmentally friendly metal manufacturing process, turning the final product into a true piece of progressive machine art. In the center you will find a contrasting jewel accent that is complemented by a luxurious fabric cable which blends seamlessly with a sleek in-line hands-free microphone, call/music controls and removable sport earhooks.

The Vibe II with Microphone will come in Nero (black) and Chrome Rouge colors, although the future will see even more colors being release. It will retail for $128 – just in case that number seems familiar to some, that is a nod to the beats per minute (BPM) found in most dance tracks. Rock on!

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pechorin Says: November 17, 2008 at 4:22 am

good earphones with ipods are not worth it. their crapsound wont be fixed.

anyway, if they sell them in the applestore, i am sure they will sell thousands of them.

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