Toshiba TLP-WX100U projector goes mobile


Everything is being built to be more mobile these days, and even projectors have shrunk down to unbelievably small sizes compared to the ones of yore. Pico projectors that are meant to be used with netbooks and cell phones for impromptu presentations are starting to come of age, but those are still no substitute for a dedicated projector by any means. Toshiba has introduced yet another projector for business use – the TLP-WX100U which comes with wide resolution that will definitely be a boon to most educators, business users and consumers these days, since many of the notebooks in this day and age come with a widescreen resolution format. details on the TLP-WX100U are available right after the jump.

The Toshiba TLP-WX100U comes in a slim form factor that makes it a snap to transport, and this model will use 3LCD technology that provides outstanding color reproduction while offering an impressive 2,200 ANSI lumens that is bright enough for use in virtually any setting. It has a native (1,280 x 800) WXGA resolution with a sharp 600:1 contrast ratio accompanying it, giving viewers a superior and brilliant image that is more than capable of fulfilling professional presentation needs while keeping home theater buffs happy. Heck, you can even hook this up to your game console at home, but games running on full High Definition won’t be supported. personally find the blackboard function to be interesting, as it enables you to make presentations on non-screen surfaces such as a painted wall or blackboard as the TLP-WX100U is smart enough to auto-correct the color in its images, assuming you set the correct wall color.

The price to pay? Well, the TLP-WX100U isn’t exactly expensive as it doesn’t shatter the $1,000 barrier, retailing for $959 and accompanied by a three-year standard limited warranty. Throw in closed captioning function, WXGA resolution support and a blackboard function amidst all those mentioned above and you’ve more or less have a winner on your hands.

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