The Robot Lamp has a heart

We aren’t quite to the point of ordering around robots to clean up our dirty laundry, or get one to cook a decent meal for us.  However, at least you can have cute little lamps in the shape of a robot.  You can even bark out the order to brighten the room up a bit and pretend it wasn’t you that flipped the switch.  It would make a great lamp for any adult that loves quirky lighting and would make an even cooler lamp for a child’s room.  The robot even has a cute little heart that is visible once it is switched on.

The lamp is said to put off an amber glow, which would make for some nice warm lighting when you feel like relaxing with a good book.  Yes, people do still read words printed on an actual page on occasion.  The robot stands 50cm, which is about 20in tall.  You can pick him up on LazyBone for £49.99 or approximately $74.  Which is a little pricey, but it’s still a cute lamp if you can manage the price tag.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets