MeWe World announces SlideSlinger Wii Gun


With the Nintendo Wii leading the way for home console sales this generation, it makes perfect sense that there is a higher chance of selling more peripherals on that system compared to the Xbox 360 or PS3. MeWe World sees the wisdom behind that, having released the SlideSlinger Wii Gun that is considered to be an essential tool to have in games such as the Wii Play mini game ensemble. It holds the Wii remote snugly and easily, providing an accurate shooting and gaming experience.

Compared to older Wii accessory guns, the SlideSlinger is smaller with an ergonomically designed rounded handle, padded handgrip and low resistance trigger for fast firing and reduced finger fatigue. Made from lightweight, durable, high impact ABS construction, the SlideSlinger fits comfortably in the hands of men, women and children. A clever internal cord winding design allows simple integration of the Nunchuk controller with connectivity at the bottom of the handgrip, keeping cords out of the way while playing.

You can pick up the SlideSlinger Wii Gun for $14.95 a pop.

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