The UFO USB Web Cam with built-in fan

by Ally

Usually when something has UFO in its description it typically means that it’s in the shape of a flying saucer.  However, this strange little web cam looks more like a droopy eared dog with a fan attached to its tail.  Then again this product does come from Chinavasion, which is known for its odd products.  The bright red little web cam could be easily shifted to make sure you’ve captured the perfect angle for the shot.

It also features a built-in microphone and a fan.  Making sure that you can keep yourself cool during those all night gaming escapades.  Not that I’d know what that’s like, I’d never stay up till six in the morning just because I got too absorbed into Kara.  Alright, so I have a couple times.  The web cam also has built-in LED lights if you need some extra task lighting.  As of now there is no price for this on Chinavasion, but the web cam itself is  not available just yet.  Hopefully they’ll update that information soon though.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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