Samsung develops new bright 70″ LCD panel


Samsung isn’t just content with releasing LCD TVs for the home market, but have also trained its guns on the outdoor advertising market. This time round, they have just developed a 70″ “super bright” LCD digital signage panel – touted to be the brightest panel in the world. The best news of all? This is more than ready to be mass produced, so it remains to be seen whether the advertisers are willing to take a chance with this new LCD panel. More details on Samsung’s glorious entry right after the jump.

The new Samsung LCD panel will feature 2,000 nits of brightness, making it 33% brighter compared to the previous brightest digital information display (DID) display (1,500nit) available, and it has been specially designed to optimally accommodate the wide range of lighting conditions affecting outdoor displays. Samsung hops that their new DID will be used as digital signs for transit centers, bus shelters, museums, and for the outside of retail centers, helping phase out less noticeable poster advertisements. I wonder which is more environmentally friendly in the long run though – while posters do take paper to create and they can only be used once, DIDs tend to suck up plenty of juice.

According to Samsung, their new “super bright” DID panel is able to generate four times the brightness of a typical LCD TV today, and boasts a unique brightness control feature that enables that allows outdoor advertisers to lower the brightness level at night to the level of a conventional HDTV. Sounds pretty fine and dandy – that means one will also be able to reduce the amount of power consumed. Local dimming technology incorporated within lets the new panel increase its dynamic contrast ratio up to 200,000:1. Other features of this new DID display include full HD (1080p) screen resolution, the ability to show off a stunning 16.7 million colors and a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. It weighs just 80kgs, and can be used in either landscape or portrait formats.

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peter smitch Says: July 27, 2009 at 6:27 am

I bought this samsung HDTV 1080p about a year or so ago and I love it. My wife wanted to get a smaller TV and I talked her into this one and it is a great fit. I have it hooked up to Comcast HD cable and it looks great. I also have a Xbox 360 and that is just beautiful. I can’t wait to test out Blu-ray on this TV because I am sure it is going to great.

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